1. Animals
  2. Abilities
  3. Conditions
  4. Tool/Weapon
  5. Weapon Mods
  6. Orb
  7. Equipped
  8. Food/Medicine
  9. Furniture/Construction
  10. Color/Pattern
  11. Items
  12. Attributes
  13. Creatures
  14. Blocks
  15. Props
  16. API Types
  17. API Functions
LTH_diagSets the hook for drawing diagnostic information on screen.
LTH_drawSets the hook for drawing on the screen in a layer below the HUD but above the environment.
LT_draw_stringDraws a text string on the screen.
LT_draw_windowDraws a window on the screen.
LT_draw_widthReturns the current width of the screen.
LT_draw_heightReturns the current height of the screen.
LT_draw_barDraws a colored bar.
LT_draw_numberDraws a number in a classic monospaced font.
LT_draw_iconDraws an icon.
LT_entity_playerGets the current user's player entity.
LT_entity_closestGets the entity closest to the location given.
LT_entity_countReturns the current number of entities in the entire game.
LT_entity_getGets an arbitrary entity from a numerical index.
LT_entity_scanFinds all entities within a given radius.
LT_vec_to_screenConverts a point in the game's environment space to a point on screen.
LTH_damageSets the function that will modify results from all damage calculations.
LTH_damage_finalSets the function that will modify final results from all damage calculations.
LTH_environment_damageSets the function that will modify results from environment damage.
LT_entity_inflictAttempts to inflict a condition on a character.
LT_entity_has_conditionChecks to see if a character entity has a condition.
LT_file_open_writeOpens a file for saving data.
LT_file_closeCloses an open file handle.
LT_file_open_readOpens a file for reading saved data.
LT_file_write_intWrites a 32-bit integer to file.
LT_file_read_intReads a 32-bit integer from file.
LT_file_write_floatWrites a 32-bit floating point number to file.
LT_file_read_floatReads a 32-bit floating point number from file.
LT_file_write_stringWrites a text character string to file.
LT_file_read_stringReads a text character from file.
LTH_processAdds a process function to be executed every game engine frame.
LT_clientReturns true if the engine is running in either single player mode or as a client in multiplayer.
LT_serverReturns true if the engine is either in single player mode or is running as a server.
LT_player_countReturns the number of players in the current game.
LT_player_indexReturns the entity index for one of the players in the current game.
LT_randomGets the next random number from generator.
LT_zone_readyReturns true if the zone containing a location is ready, that it can be modified.
LT_block_morphChanges a block in the world to a different one.
LT_block_getGets information about a single block in the world.
LT_prop_createCreates a prop in the world.
LT_prop_destroyDestroys a prop in the world.
LT_prop_getGets information about a prop in the world.
LT_prop_parameterChanges the parameter on a prop.