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Become a kemonomimi and thrive in this action RPG! See a constructive world from a new perspective. Customize and grow with deep action RPG elements. Play through a story or explore with friends. Search for lost knowledge and rare material to craft powerful equipment. Challenge the powerful enemies waiting for you deep inside the dungeons. Invite NPC citizens to join your cave or village. Discover your inner beast and realize your full potential!

LandTraveller is a hybrid between a traditional action RPG and a modern indie sandbox combining interesting randomized environments with hand crafted world building. With different modes of play and online multiplayer, there's lots to explore.

NOTE: This software is still in Early Access and may be missing features or contain bugs.

This is a game in Early Access, but there is an old demo from August 2016 that was used during the Greenlight campaign you can try.

Release 21.1 - AUG 21 2016
Windows 7 and newer



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