1. Animals
  2. Abilities
  3. Conditions
  4. Tool/Weapon
  5. Equipped
  6. Food/Medicine
  7. Items
  8. Attributes
  9. Creatures
  10. Blocks
  11. Props
  12. API Types
  13. API Functions


void LT_draw_bar(number x,number y,number w,number v,number small,color color)

numberx The x coordinate of bar's top left
numbery The y coordinate of bar's top left
numberw The width and total capacity of the bar
numberv The amount of fill to draw the bar with, in the same units as width
numbersmall If set to 1, the bar will be drawn in a tiny style at half the normal height
colorcolor The color of the bar as an RGB vector

DRAW Calling this outside of a drawing hook or on the server will crash the addon

Draws a colored bar.