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Become a kemonomimi and thrive in this action RPG! See a constructive world from a new perspective. Customize, battle, and grow with deep action RPG elements. Invite NPC citizens to join your cave or villiage. Become close with your inner beast and realize your full potential!

LandTraveller will feature lots of RPG character customization to fit your preferred play strategy. You can play through a personal story or in a conquest with friends. Although you can explore where you wish, you can advance through the single player by clearing a series of "dungeons". In multiplayer, you can build a community for NPCs to move into or discover existing settlements. Search for lost knowledge and rare material that enable you to craft powerful equipment.

This is a game in development that will appear on Steam Greenlight in the near future can now be voted for on Steam Greenlight! For now, you may follow the Steam group here for updates on demo updates and other information. The game is currently in ALPHA with a demo you can try.


NOTE: This software is still in ALPHA development and may be missing many features or contain bugs. Use at your own risk. By using this software, you agree to this disclaimer of warranty.

Release 21.1 - AUG 21 2016
Windows 7 and newer



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