A 3rd person constructive action RPG under development for the PC


Create yourself as a Kemonomimi and enter the world of LandTraveller where you explore, gather, build, and conquer. Become stronger yourself as you create your equipment, defeat many enemies, and realize beast powers hidden inside. Will you become cute? Devastating? Both? Will you take on the challenge alone or with all your friends? The large unknown world that greets you is just the beginning- hordes of invaders lurk behind portals to eight more worlds. Experience classic action RPG gameplay through retro style graphics and sound on a modern engine.


LandTraveller is centered around Kemonomimi who all work together to thrive and build great things. This is true even in single player- you would be creating many characters for yourself each with a role. Despite multiplayer being critical to the game's design, it can be enjoyed offline in any number of maps you generate.

An example of a Kemonomimi in the character creation screen.

The numbers in the game's battle engine will be small, and characters level 30 and over would be considered demi-gods in strength- there is no level cap. You get to pick an affinity that further customizes your specific chosen animal type in the early levels, along with a trait selected from the same set for everyone. Your character itself will be built up and customized just like all of your equipment.

Game is currently in ALPHA development. ALPHA means the game is being developed and hasn't yet reached any state of completeness. Download links for demos coming soon!

More detailed information to come to this page soon!

Work-in-progress Screenshots:

These illustrate how the game looks thus far and were taken during the game's development.

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As a game under development, many details will follow or change. Built for fun and for you, the fans and potential players. Your input is welcomed and can help deliver a great game.

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